Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If, when we were young, we tramped through forests of

Nebraska cottonwoods or raised pigeons on a rooftop

in Queens, or fished for Ozark bluegills, or felt the

swell of a wave that traveled a thousand miles before

lifting our boat, then we were bound to the natural

world and remain so today.

from: Last Child in the Woods

by: Richard Louv

The summer hiking in Southern Utah has officially begun!!! We are back in Zions' Kolob Canyon, and we'll be visiting Pine Valley and Knarraville too!!!  Love, love this time of year!!!  Cool breezes, late blooming wild flowers, running streams!!! Its perfect!!!  Lucky guests who choose this this time of year to visit us and hike with us!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little restucture to my 90 day challenge

Well I have been at this for 28 days now, and unfortunately my body is not as ready to jump back as I am. I have had some major back pain, and my rib is still really sore....I have been so excited to start this 90 day challenge that it makes me mad that I have had these setbacks, but I will forever teach differently because of what I have gone through (I struggle doing some of the easiest yoga poses I teach). So I am going to focus on eating healthier for the next 30 days and hopefully help you get some better ideas for eating.....anyone reading this fill free to jump in and give me some fun easy good ideas!! I am not going to focus so much on the exercise because my body is still healing, and to be honest if anyone knows me, I LOVE TO WORKOUT, so I don't find that difficult, however EATING is a struggle....I am one of those who will workout harder and longer to be able to eat my SWEETS or extra BREAD!:)

Last January I went 30 days without sugar, and it was really beneficial. Because my weekness is sweets, it helped me to form a habit to eat a LOT less. So I plan on going the NEXT 30 days without sugar, and for the record.......I am on my 2ND day.....Every day counts for me because it is going to be a challenge, but I believe if there is something you want to achieve, 'FAKE IT', so for the next 30 days I am going to FAKE like I have NO problem going without sweets!!! :) I know this works, and I wouldn't do it if I didn't. I remember hearing that it takes 18 days to form a habit, so the habit that I intend to gain from this is the habit of NOT reaching for EVERY sweet in my view.

I am not completely dropping exercise from life, I will go on bike rides with my kids, swim some laps, go on walks, and do A LOT of yoga!! I am excited for this because I know that the last 30 days of my challenge I will feel a lot better, and then I will be able kick the exercise up a few NOTCHES!:)
Today my meals included; Oatmeal with wheat germ, bananas, craisins, and raw sunflower seeds YUMMY!:) Lunch, a peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread, dinner was a 6 inch chicken sandwich at Subway...and I have to say I didn't TOUCH the cookies I got for my screaming, begging children:). My snacks, orange, apple and saltine crackers, and lots of H2O:)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

day 22 and day 23

I have to be very creative with my workouts since I have little ones at home, and I am still doctoring my bruised rib. I went out with my two kids in the stroller and tried to run, but it just was too painful, so I walked....I love hills, and when I'm walking I feel like I have to climb a hill to get my heartrate up, so I remembered a hill up the street from my house on Foremaster, so I headed there. It was awesome.....here is the picture of the first part of the hill.
It was a beautiful view at the top, and a great workout!
But that's not it....the hill goes back down on the other side, and boy did I want to challenge myself, so I went down.
And came back up! It was a great workout, and I didn't have to run!! I love hills, they push you without you having to push yourself like you would walking on a flat surface.....so go out and find a hill near you and conquer it!
Today I was so frustrated, because it was so windy and cold outside, so I had to do my workout inside, and I jumped on the internet to see if something inspired me, but it all comes down to just turning on music, and lifting some weights. I just used my 5 lbers today, and did some shoulder presses (very slow and controlled because of my rib), some bicep curls, some tricep extensions, some lunges, and some squats. The trick is to remember to do 3 exercises. like bicep, tricep, and lung and do 15-20 reps 3 TIMES. You must get your heart rate up, and you should take your muscles to fatigue.
It's very frustrating, because moves that did not take any effort before are really challenging for me..a simple pushup is very challenging, but I have to forget how many pushups or tricep dips I used to be able to do and focus on getting stronger. This is a great place for me to do my workout (in my BATHROOM:)) I turn on some music, and go for it......again remember, you will get out of it what you put into it....you don't have to do all the new fancy moves, just stick to the basics, focus on the muscles that you want to develop, and take them to exhaustion, and when the weight comes off, the muscles will be beautiful because of your effort(I know this to be true, but even though I know the truth, it is still hard to follow!)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 4 - Day 21

Thought I'd share the little angel that I gained all my weight for, and boy was she worth it!:) Ok, I can blame her all I want, but the truth is I let myself eat what EVER I wanted, and because I always said, "I'm eating for two", my portion sizes got out of control, I did not need to gain the 50 pounds that I did with her, but I did, and here I am trying to lose 35 lbs! Last week was out of control crazy....and my bruised rib really set me back, I was in a lot of pain-just bending over to pick up something hurt, so I did not work out Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,and Sunday, and I started to slip back in my old habits of eating "Too much".
BUT......... I do have to say, I had some "aha" moments (I never thought I'd use that word:)). I went to my dad's retirement party, and I didn't have ONE slice of cake, and the full size candy bars that had, "Congratulations" on them for people to take home......I did NOT take one!:) My other moment was when I was talking to my sister-in-law and I noticed that she had lost weight, and asked her what she was doing to lose the weight. She told me that she just became "AWARE". She was getting to a weight that she was when she was nine months pregnant with her first child, and decided to make a change. She just started working out 5 days a week for 30 minutes minimum. She became aware of what she was putting in her mouth. She looks great, and she inspired me.
So, I came home and today being Monday, I knew I needed to get a good workout in even though my ribs were still hurting me. So I got the kids in the stroller and did my route that I do all the time and a week ago "RAN" and felt AmAZing. Today was different, I felt pain, and I felt heavy, I only walked the route this time, and tried to keep up the pace. I am sad to say that I still have only lost the 5 lbs that I dropped the first week, but I am going to stay positive, and try to allow myself to slowly become stronger so I can avoid injuring myself. I know that the key is "BECOMING AWARE", because although this is a slow process, I notice myself making small changes that make me "proud".

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a LITTLE setback in my 90 day challenge

Day 10 Thursday morning after my run at Dixie stairs, I got up and could hardly walk, my calves were soooo tight!! I usually love to be sore because it makes me feel like I'm getting stronger, but this was painful. I missed my morning run, and had such a busy day, I decided to go to Summit Athletic Club that evening. I LOVE a good hard workout, but like many others, I have a HARD time motivating myself at the gym without a class or someone there to push me. I wasn't too thrilled to go by myself, so I took my took older boys so they could go play basketball. I went up to the weights, and started to do a little circuit with the machines, but didn't feel the fire, and I didn't go in with a plan. Then my boys came up and wanted to workout. I spent a while helping them lift the weights right, and then I decided I needed to get some cardio. I started on the treadmill and then my boys asked me to come and play speed with them in the gym, anything to get off that machine:). Well it was not the workout I would accept as an instructor, but I was there. It's really tough to get motivated when the body feels so out of shape, but this is why I set myself up for 90 days, and not a quick 30. I know what it takes to get the body back, and I don't want to hurt myself while doing it, but what we need to remember is that it's a LIFESTYLE change. My lifestyle as a mother is filled with opportunities to involve my kids and run around with them and be an active person. I can not wait til I can participate in a high intensity workout, or train for a run, but this 90 days is about getting myself back on the lifestyle plan that I want to grow old with.
Day 11 Friday I went walking with my kids in the stroller and found a fun trail that goes for miles and miles. I found a really fun loop, but I was only able to walk, it was frustrating, but a wonderful walk and I made sure I was going as quickly as I could. It did not have the hills like my other route, but it was a NICE change.
Day 12 Saturday I woke up with an infection (mastitis). It hit me so hard I was in bed all day!!
Day 13 Trying to recover from my day in bed....Mother's day...my kids got me a basket of fun stuff with lots of chocolate......NOT a good thing to give someone that has been doing so well, I wonder if a lot of our guests go home and experience this....I ate most of it all by myself!!! I was mad at myself because I was doing so well.
Day 14 What a busy day, I had to run my son around for rehearsal and a photo shoot for the Little Mermaid coming here to Tuacahn. I decided I would come home and workout that evening. I got home pretty hungry because I was on the go all day, and my husband had gotten pizza for dinner......OH DEAR........I had four slices, plus I ate some of my kids crusts!!! Last night I bruised my ribs, and so here I am the next morning KNOWING that I have got to JUMP back on the wagon before it passes me by. I will report on my day, and I promise I will have fit a workout in one way or another.........I guess it doesn't help that I ate a slice of pizza for breakfast:). Accountability....."I will report on what I ate today, and will not lie:)"
Lesson to be learned.....Do not be hard on yourself! Allow yourself to make mistakes....I know that because I am aware, my eating habits are going to become much healthier....yes I will have a slice of pizza now and then, or some chocolate, but by the end of this 90 days, it will not really end, it will just be easier to NOT binge, and NOT kick myself when I'm down, this is the HARDEST part!! Maintaining is much easier, and when you get into the maintaining phase, it has become part of you, I've been there, and I'm determined to get back.

Friday, May 6, 2011

"Butch Cassidy: [to Sundance] Boy, I got vision, and the rest of the world wears bifocals."

"Sundance Kid: Well, I think I'll get saddled up and go looking for a woman.
Butch Cassidy: Good hunting.
Sundance Kid: Shouldn't take more than a couple of days. I'm not picky. As long as she's smart, pretty, and sweet, and gentle, and tender, and refined, and lovely, and carefree..."

Our guests that have been here will recognize this famous shot!(thats Colosseum in the background..or also recognized as the way into Fern Gully!!) If you have ever hiked with me in Snow Canyon State Park...you have heard my rendition about Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid movie, and the famous waterhole on the spectacular red rock.
The other day I stumbled upon a treasure...an actual photo of said waterhole with Paul Newman falling backwards into it!!! Upon discovering this classic photo I have learned that I was mistaken!!! The tale I told for many years, with great confidence I might add, was that it was the dashing Robert Redford who took the plunge...NOT!! It was ol blue eyes Newman!!! oops!!!

Come hike with us!! See what the handsome cowboys of the west saw!! Some days its almost painless and its always a whole lot of fun!! Who knew burning fat could be so "entertaining?!" And memorable!! And historical!!!
posted by Cindy

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 8 &9

Well because Monday was such a hard challenging workout, I was really tired on Tuesday. I had a lot to do, so the day just kind of went by and at 7:30 at night I knew I had to do something. I was going to leave the kids home with John and go running, but I decided I wanted to do weights. So I tried the dvd called 'I love Group Power' that was given to us from one of our personal trainers at the spa. Payton(my 11 year old) decided to do it with me. He was using 5 lb weights, and I used 8 lb weights, and the instructors on the video were using 30+ lb bars(they were guys). It was hard, and I was pathetic, but I tried not to get discouraged because I am not where I used to be athletically. I also had a blast working out with my son, he would tell me to keep going when I wanted to quit.
So today I woke up and I had all three of my kids (I usually work out pushing the stroller when I only have two), and so I decided to go to Dixie College and run the track and stairs. When I pulled up,I was not really in the mood, and I was scared that I wouldn't be able to push myself, so I decided to run a lap and run the stairs twice. I thought 30 stairs would be a good challenge, until I actually ran one!! I quickly dropped my challenge to 10, and was walking the rest of the 9:).. I won't have a problem challenging myself at Dixie, because I really want to run the 10 stairs, and then get to running 30!! My legs were jello at the end of 10 stairs, I couldn't BELIEVE how challenging it was, oh man do I want to get out on those mountains again:).
It is a challenge to get a workout in EVERY day, and after I lost the first 5 lbs so quickly, I was on such a high, and then thought I'd put on my clothes and notice a HUGE difference, yes my clothes fit better, but I wanted them to be loose.:( It is a daily struggle to not get discouraged and give up, but then I would be eating my words....I love to motivate others and help them to understand that weight loss is one of the hardest things to do, but one of the most rewarding when done! I am right in the beginning and I have a long road ahead, but it really does help to right down each day my progress. Eating has been very easy for myself, because I am eating Desert Cliffs meals, and I KNOW that just by eating the meals anyone will lose weight, so it's pretty easy to stick to it knowing at the end of this week I will see results.:)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The weekend

Day 6&7 I thought the weekend would be really hard, weekends always are, but Saturday was not too hard because I was busy running kids to their different activities. I did 30 minutes of weights, and started slowly incorporating some more yoga (boy do I miss yoga). Sunday was a rest day for me, and I did eat too much, but I did not eat as much as I have before, so I think I did farely well. I found a new treat from our cook at Desert Cliffs..I melt semi sweet chocolate chips, and then stir in craisins, it's not a hot fudge sunday, but it helps to stop the sweet craves I have:).

Day 8 I woke up Monday morning, and knew I needed to challenge myself. I have a great route that I told you has 8 hills, and it takes me about an hour, and I walk a lot and try to RUN up the hills. Well I challenged myself to RUN the whole thing. I know that if I want to see results, I need to shock my body, and my body has been walking a lot(which is GREAT, and I love), so I decided to run and not let my body stop until I was done. The first two hills were GREAT, and when I got to the top, I still ran (slowly :)), and I was really proud, the third was starting to get challenging, and by the time I ran the 5 & 6, I wondered if I gave myself a challenge I couldn't do, but I'm competitive, and I like challenges, so I kept going. 7 & 8 hill were torchurous, but I am proud to say I did it, and I cut my time to 45 min instead of 60!!
I am getting spoiled this week and I am receiving meals from Desert Cliffs spa, but the challenge for me is going to stick to them and not eat my meals here at my home also. Yesterday I got a yummy avacado wrap with potato salad, and for dinner I ate a yummy mexican corn tortilla dinner with corn and salad. I was wanting to eat late at night, so I did make myself a spinach salad with lots of veggies (cooked onions and mushrooms), and lemon juice, garlic, and thyme for dressing.
I lost 5 pounds last week, and plan to lose a little more this week, I am CERTAIN that diet although we try to dance around it, is KEY to weightloss, and thanks to Desert Cliffs, I don't have an excuse this week.:)
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