Desert Cliffs Staff

John Kemp

John is the founder of Desert Cliffs Hiking.  He has passion and a vision for this company and wants to share that with everyone.  

Leanne Kemp

Leanne is loves being active and eating healthy.  She especially loves being in the mountains and sharing them with others. Leanne is also the mastermind behind our gym work outs that will strengthen, stretch you and help you to be stronger and more fit.  

McKenna Barwick

McKenna is the woman responsible for our incredible meals.  She has created a menu that is not only healthy and natural, but is delicious and easy for our guests to go home and duplicate.

Cindy Stephenson

Cindy has recently returned back to Desert Cliffs and Southern Utah after being gone for 2 years.  We are excited to have her back and sharing her love for the desert and all it's glory.  Her love for this area rubs off on everyone.  You'll even learn to appreciate our glorious red sand because of her!

Melanie Kenney

Melanie is a hiking guide full of passion for the beauty of our desert and mountains.  She loves to make Desert Cliffs awesome for all that come and stay.

Cheryl Kanenwisher

Cheryl loves the desert and mountains of Southern Utah.  In her short time living here she has spent many hours searching for places to hike.  She is prepared for hiking and her backpack weighs almost more than she does!  

Nick is an outdoor enthusiast and he knows Zion National Park like the back of his hand.  He has spent many years living and hiking in this area.  We are happy to have him on our staff and soaking up all his knowledge of Southern Utah.  

Tom Thomas

Tom has hiked and run here in Southern Utah for many years and loves to share the history of our city with our guests.  He hikes like he is still 20 years old.

Tracy Crane

Tracy has been passionate about hiking in Utah since discovering the beauty of this region in 2004.  She loves staying active and eating healthy and shares her enthusiasm about Desert Cliff's hiking and meal program with whomever she meets.  

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