Thursday, January 14, 2010

Five Great reasons to join us at Desert Cliffs Fitness Resort

1. Our hiking We have scheduled in extended hikes throughout the week, because we believe that it gives you the time to burn more calories, and honestly, we can't wait to show you the beauty we have here in our Mountains. Our groups are small, so everyone will get the hike that will fit their level from paved hiking to scrambling up the rocks. We want to help you, "Climb your way to better Health".

2. Affordable. We are so excited to offer our resort at such an affordable price, because we love what we do, and we want everyone to be able to take the time out for themselves without 'breaking the bank'.

3. Results. We have a program that works, and it takes you back to the basics. We are with you every step of the way while you're here to make sure that you understand and can take back home with you the tools you will need to continue seeing results.

3. Support Group. Not only will you have us with you every step of the way, you will meet individuals with similar goals. Because our accommodations are in a home, you will have the time to develop personal or professional relationships with people that are or trying to develop a healthy lifestyle.

4. Food. Our meal program is back to the basics (whole grains, lots of vegetables, protein, and fruit). We have chosen to make it simple, because of the simplicity, you will be able to see exactly what you can do at home, and you will not feel overwhelmed when you return home. Every meal is calorie controlled so you can get a good perception of what your meal proportions should be like at home. Don't get me wrong, you will absolutely love the meals. Our chef will teach you tricks to take something like Chicken, Brown Rice, and veggies (simple) taste delicious and so flavorful.

5. Health. 'Health is Wealth' There is no better reason to come to Desert Cliffs fitness resort than to, 'Take Control of your health'. Nothing can ever top the health benefits that you are guaranteed to have during your experience here. There is just no better way to live your life than living it with a healthy mind and body.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sugar Free 1st week

I have a facebook page for a Sugar Free January, so if you want to jump in and become a fan, you can start now to "Take Control of your health". There are many articles and reasons why it is a very good choice to take sugar out of your diet. My reason was because I am a sweets girl, I love anything sweet, and because of December and all the TREATS around, I allowed myself to have more. We all know we start to get to a point where we FEEL like we need something with sugar in it EVERY DAY.
I personally can not image my life without sugar, but I also know that we can form better habits, and by taking sugar out for 30 days, we can form a habit. By forming new habits, we will be able to re focus, and eat sugar in moderation like we should. We will start making better decisions about how sugar makes us feel, and we will be able to make better choices. I believe we are just making a step in shaping our bodies and feeling better about our appearance. Here are some things that have helped me stay off of sugar this week:

* protein smoothies-- add blueberries, natural sweetners, strawberries, bananas, spinach, kale, kiwi, ect. Each day I have one an hour before and/or after my workouts.

*a hearty breakfast- cut up as many veggies as you can and add it with 1 egg, and 1 egg white. If you want something sweet for breakfast, cook up 1 egg, and 1 egg white, and add in some oatmeal, sprinkle some cinnamon. Top it with apple butter, or applesauce. A great hearty bowl of oatmeal with berries is delicious also. Do NOT skip on Breakfast!

*FRUIT- a perfect crunchy, and cold apple is perfect to tame those sugar cravings

*Water- Don't forget to drink lots of it!

*Modify- If you need to eat sweets, make one of your favorite recipes and add truvia all natural sweetner instead of the sugar. It's more expensive than sugar, but I believe we are all saving money by going sugar free.

*chocolate covered strawberries- use dark chocolate. Dark chocolate actually contains anti- oxidants which help us to fight off sickness.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Too much fun!!

There is so much going on here at Desert Cliffs, the weather outside it just beautiful, and we have been soaking it in. Of course we get great workouts inside like spinning, pilates, body strengthening, circuit, water strength, and more, but we have enjoyed our outdoors this week. Two days a week we extend our hikes, and eat our lunch out on the rocks because it is just too beautiful to leave. I will post pics soon, but until then, check out Cindy's hiking blog to get a tiny glimpse of the beauty we are enjoying this week.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Three Ponds Overlook

We're at it again, because we just LOVE it. Yesterday we headed out to Three Ponds Overlook for the best hike of the year yet.:) It was a high calorie burner, because it is one of the highest mountains in Snow Canyon.
This is the fun crack that we all love because it makes us feel a little adventurous. It is a little tricky, but with a lot of support and a little bit of "I can do it" attitude, it is exhilerating to say the least.:) Now I say that because I am a very careful hiker, but most hiking guides and guests jump over it without even thinking about it.
What a gorgeous day!! Yesterday was really beautiful, we feel so fortunate to have this in our backyard, and we want to share it with you. There is a lot of new ways to move, but honestly the best way to get your body back into shape is climbing some of these many mountains we have here! Of course we do work you out in the gym also, so be prepared to get the jumpstart that you need for the year 2010.

Friday, January 1, 2010

How to live Sugar Free

If you are a fan of our facebook page 'Let's Make January Sugar Free' then here are some suggestions for some of the questions you might have about the how far you should go.

There is sugar in almost everything we eat, so where should we draw the line?

This is your month, it's up to you where you limit yourself, but be careful with artificial sweetners. Many treats and cookies that say 'Sugar Free' will contain an artificial sweetner that is really not good for you. Try to stick to natural sweetners like xylitol, truvia, or xagave. As for the diet sodas, yes, they are sugar free, but they too contain artificial sweetner.

I for one am not going to eliminate skim milk, although it contains sugar, it is ok for myself, but I will not eat the cereals that contain sugar, instead I will make a bowl of oatmeal with berries, an veggie omlet, or a green smoothie. I love hot chocolate on a cold night, so instead of the sugary cocoa, I will make cocoa with skim milk or soy milk, hersheys dark unsweetened cocoa, and xagave natural sweetner. This will probably be my sweet indulgence for myself this month.

Remember this is your month, you are going to see the results you want because you are honest with yourself, don't replace your craving every time with a diet soda, or go out and by 'Sugar Free' treats.

Good luck and, make sure you post your ideas, and daily struggles on our facebook page, dedicated to a Sugar Free January.

Committing to our Resolutions

  1. Be committed to pro-active living. You got one chance, and one chance only to make this life the best. Commit to being a participant and not an observer. Be pro-active instead of reactive. Commit yourself to working every day towards the direction of your goals and dreams. Life is a journey, it is not a destination.
  2. Write it down. Write down your goals and dreams and pin them up in a visible place. You will see these goals daily, and that way it will make it easier for you to achieve them.
  3. Don’t make the same mistake twice. You can learn from your mistakes, but do not make them twice. Make sure you make reasonable goals, and announce them to others so you have someone to report to.
  4. live without regrets. let the past be in your rear view mirror. Be in the moment, and let's do this together.
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