Sunday, January 26, 2014

Be a Follower

What kind of a slogan is that?  Be a follower?

Follow us to the mountains and red sandstone formations of Southern Utah.  That's what we're talking about!

Many of you wish you could be here with us right now.  So we offer you several ways to get your hiking 'fix' every day.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.  We post pictures and motivational quotes almost daily.  You can follow your dreams of hiking with us in the desert sun from anywhere!

Need some hiking or weight loss inspiration?  Pinterest has your motivational pins!  You'll find us under Desert Cliffs Hiking Spa.

Want some portable recipe updates and photographs on your smart phone to get you through your work day?  Follow Desert Cliffs on Instagram.  Look for us @desertcliffsfitnessspa
Share your photos of hiking with us there by adding the #desertcliffs or #desertcliffsfitnessspa to your shots!
And we welcome you our community page on Facebook at Desert Cliffs Fitness Resort, where we check in almost daily and give you current updates on our clients with photos.

Of course, we wish you could be with us every day.  But don't give up on your fitness goals and dreams!  Stay motivated!  Stay strong!  Follow us to help you get there! And don't forget to get out there and Take a Hike!

Hope to see you soon!


  1. Your main website seems to be down. Is there an email I could reach you guys at?

    1. Jamie, you can email the owner's at Hope this helps. And, thanks for the heads up on the website. :)

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