Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DAY 50!!

Wow I can't believe I have 40 days left of the challenge and then I will take a picture and give you all my results. I have to admit, it's been a challenge to find the time to work out. I have done something at Least 5x a day, even if it was just for 30 minutes. My eating has been great up to about 2 weeks ago, and I just started to not be aware of what was going into my mouth. I'm back on track though, I went in last week and weighed myself, and sadly I have only lost 12 pounds, but that is still 12 pounds, and I am trying to stay positive, so I can continue to keep the motivation.
I have 40 days, and I am going to set another goal of 15 pounds in these next 40 days. Realistic goal setting is very important on the road to getting back in shape. I was able to lose 12 pounds in 50 days, but I also know that I could've worked harder, so that is why I'm going to challenge myself to 3 more pounds in 10 less days....I'm pumped, and I will do it just because I am competitive, and I have someone to prove to that I can.:) So if my blogging is far and between in these next 40 days, it is because I am running, lifting weights, or cooking a healthy meal:).
Tonight I went to a weight class at the gym, and then when I got home, my boys wanted to run the tower with me, so we went. I am reminded every time I am outside, and climbing any hill, why we started Desert Cliffs. There is just something so rejuvinating about hiking. I was able to clear my head, and enjoy the beauty of the world I live in now and I was NOT able to do that in the gym class.
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing," Helen Keller wrote. In the midst of our fast paced, drive-thru lifestyles, people still crave experiences that are more intense—more direct and authentic—than those available at the multiplex or shopping mall. This is why we are who we are, and I am so passionate about our program that will reboot, rejuvinate, and reenergize our guests.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

last 30 days

wow, here we are to the last 30 days of my 90 day challenge. It has been more difficult for me, because there was not a competition, and I am soooooo competitive with other people, but not myself. The last 30 days I did not focus on my workouts as much because of the pain I've had with my body, so my focus was on my food intake, and NO SUGAR!

Here's the lowdown. I think everyone has to throw in challenges for themselves without beating themselves up if they don't complete that challenge. I did not make it 30 days, but I made some drastic and very habit forming changes. Because sugar was not going to be in my diet, it was easier to say no to the little dumb things I would put in my mouth, like a jelly bean, or swedish fish, or something that just was out of habit. I KNOW it is harder to say no after one bite of something, so by not taking that bite, I became stronger. I did only make it 25 days, but we were having a BIG family gathering, and my brother's girlfriend brought some delicious cookies that she made, and she was passing them out. I took one, and my sister told me not to do it, but I was proud of the 25 days I had, and I was ok, because it was a lot easier for me now to say no to "not worth it" sugar. This cookie on the other hand was "worth it" sugar:), and after half a cookie, I gave it to my daughter because I really didn't need the rest....now that deserves a 'gold star' for me to be able to do that!!:)
I'm not perfect, but I promise if you challenge yourself, you will see results, and I have lost another 8 pounds this month, so a total of 16 pounds in 60 days.
So now on to the next 30 days........EXERCISE again EVERY day!!!! I am feeling great, and have returned to the gym for a class called Group Power (with weights).
I am excited to get back into hard core working out, but the challenge for myself is to not over EAT, which is a challenge for the mind because I tend to think because I worked out I can allow more food.....not if I want to see results. So here I go...it's kind of my Last chance month.....and I will have my results in 30 days with a few updates here and there:)
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