Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why Do I Hike?

Why do I hike? 'Tain't no mystery
wanna have a good Medical history,
Doctor told me Hikin' is Great
Helps them Blood cells Circulate.
Great for the lungs, Great for the Ticker,
Can't nothin' Getcha in Better Shape Quicker,
Feels so Healthy, Feels so sweet,
Pumpin' my arms and Flappin' my Feet,
Moldin' my muscles, Firmin' my form,
Pantin' like a Pack mule, sweatin' up a storm,
Keeps me youthful, Keeps me Loose,
Tightens my Tummy and SHRINKS my caboose,
Beats Bein' Sluggish, Beats bein' Lazy----
Why do I hike? Maybe I'm Crazy!
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