Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our hikes

Sand Mountain, Red Cliffs Extreme, Pecan Trail, Red Mountain Trail, Saddle, Babylon, Stairway to Heaven,Hell's Canyon, Elephant Arch, White Cliffs, Slots, Volcano, Gila, Paradise Rim, Petrified dunes, Anasazi Ridge, Owen's Loop, Moss Canyon, Hidden Canyon, Three Ponds Overlook, Taylors Creek, Angel's Landing, Observation Point, Valley of Fire(not in Arizona), Third Ravine Extended, Mystery Canyon, Island in the Sky.....just to name a few.:)

We love to hike, and we know that it contributes to getting fitter and shedding a few pounds because of the success we have had each week. We love our guests, and we love that we get to know them so well on a personal level, and then we are able to push them beyond what they ever thought possible.

The hikes are endless here in St. George, and we are so excited to hike all the way through the hot summer days in cooler areas right next door to us.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Meet Amanda" by Cindy Stephenson

Click here to read about our trooper Amanda who is here for two more weeks of her four week stay.
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