Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eating the Nutrient Dense Way

'If you want to live longer, reduce your need for medications, lose weight faster than you ever thought possible, and dramatically improve your health, Eat For Health is the answer.

The more nutrient dense food you consume, the faster your health will improve. Fat will melt away, the need for medication will lessen, and you'll reverse the disease process!' Dr. Joel Fuhrman talks about this in his book, "Eat for Health"

I love this, because I believe that by making baby steps each day and changing your eating habits slowly, you will become the person you have always wanted to be, healthy, vibrant, and be one who doesn't have to count calories every single Day for the rest of your life! By eating foods that are Nutrient dense, and not caloric dense you will be able to reverse the effects that have stopped many from living the life we deserve!

These are the things that we can all be promised and guaranteed by eating a Nutrient Dense diet:
1. You will lose your food addictions and actually prefer healthy foods over low–nutrient food.
2. You will remove dangerous hunger and you will succeed at losing weight and keeping it off forever.
3. You will beat disease, reverse diabetes, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol without drugs and protect yourself against cancer.
4. You will get more pleasure out of eating.

Are these not enough reasons to start Eating the Nutrient Dense Way? Keep checking back for recipes that I will share in the next following posts.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Lifeskills (Taking Control of your Health)
I added the sentences in the parentheses to apply to your health and weight loss goals.

INTEGRITY: To act according to what's right and wrong. (Should you eat a carrot or a donut? You know which one is right)

INITIATIVE: To do something because it needs to be done. (You need to workout every DAY

FLEXIBILITY: The ability to alter plans when necessary. (If you didn't get your workout in, run your stairs at home, get your (at home) weights out. If you have to pick up something to eat quick at fast food- choose a salad)

PERSEVERANCE: To continue in spite of difficulties. (If you ate really bad over the weekend, start fresh the next day. Push yourself through new and difficult workouts.)

ORGANIZATION: To plan, arrange and implement in an orderly way. (Plan your week out- what your going to eat, and what your going to do physically)

SENSE OF HUMOR: To laugh and be playful without hurting others. (Join a workout group, and have fun)

EFFORT: To try your hardest. (Eat as well as you know, workout as hard as you can)

COMMON SENSE: To think it through before doing. (Have a plan, write it down)

PROBLEM SOLVING: To seek solutions in difficult situation. (Figuring out what to do when you hit a plateau, instead of quitting)

RESPONSIBILITY: To be accountable for your actions. (Own up to your excess calories)

PATIENCE: To wait calmly for someone or something. (Be patient, becoming your healthiest self does not happen over night)

FRIENDSHIP: To make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring. (Make friends with those in the same exercise class with you or at the gym, you'll be surprised to find you will be going through some of the same obstacles)

CURIOSITY: a desire to learn or know about a full range of things. (Find out what those around you are eating, or doing for exercise, read books about health and nutrition)

COOPERATION: To work together, toward a common goal or purpose. (Find someone with the same weight loss goal, or nutrition goal, and work on that goal together)

CARING: To feel concern for others and yourself. (To really want to help others with their fitness and weightloss goals)
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