Sunday, October 7, 2012

There is NOT a better way to lose weight

What an INCREDIBLE week we had this past week.  We got to enjoy having Janice from California back even if it was for only 5 short days.:(   We know most of our guests can only take a week off from their busy lives, so we really try to pack in their week with hikes that are perfect for them.  Janice LOVES to work out,  (Click here to see her on a 24 hour fitness commercial).  Janice hiked with us every day but Thursday she decided to take the day and spend at our gym.  She took a bootcamp class in the morning, walked on the hiking trek machine, took a spin class, swam a little, took the BEST pilates class, and then finished with a Mayhem class (a beginning crossfit class).  After her many workouts,  Janice walked the 3 1/2 miles back to the spa home on a beautiful bike path.....NOT too shabby.:) After 5 days Janice dropped 3 1/2 lbs on the scale, and 8 lbs of BODY FAT!!
 On Tuesday the group went up to Cedar Breaks National Park.  This Park is breathtaking and at 11,000 ft our guest are SURE to get a workout.  This day was particularly beautiful because the leaves were changing and it was just INCREDIBLE.  Clearly we at Desert Cliffs offer something special and unique that you will NOT find ANYWHERE else. Kacey is from California, and he is here with us for 4 weeks.  He struggled a little bit the first week with the distance of our hikes, but we were able to push him enough that he made it as far as we knew he could go, and after 2 weeks he has already dropped 20 lbs!!  Kim and Ryan were an adorable couple, they were so excited to try something NEW for the first time, and they couldn't GET enough.  Kim lost 4 lbs this week, and Ryan dropped 8 lbs.  They are already planning their next trip with us, and we can't wait!
 Kadie has dropped 4 sizes in the six weeks she has been here, and this girl is FAST out on the trail.  She is continuing to set record times for our hikes.  We will certainly miss her when she returns home in a few short weeks.:(
 The beauty in Cedar Breaks is just magnificent!

 We love to show our guests  our incredible mountains here in Southern Utah, and we get so excited to get our return guests back to surprise them with even more beautiful hikes.  If you are feeling like you just need a GREAT jumpstart, and you want to have a BLAST and lose weight incredibly FAST, grab your backpack and 'Take a hike' with us!!  We pride ourselves on giving personal one-on-one attention and designing our hikes around what we believe will be best for you!

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