Friday, December 30, 2011


If your goals this year are to travel and see amazing sites without breaking the bank, clear your caloric debt, and become it here at Desert's how:
We are by far the MOST affordable spa around! We are affordable, because we love this so much, we would love to share it with you for FREE, but since we know we can't do that, we made it VERY affordable. You will see majestic red rock, visit with us Zion National Park and hike like you never thought you could.
Clear you caloric debt--- because we focus so much on hiking, our guests are able to burn thousands of calories each day without realizing it. Our hikes are breathtaking, beautiful, and our guests experience joy, fatigue, exhaustion, accomplishment, all during these hikes. I have seen countless times our guests reaching the end of their rope only to be able to keep going because the surroundings are motivating and worth every ounce of energy.
Healthier--- our meal plan is incredibly, delicious, healthy and real. Our guests come and learn that being healthy is easier, and much tastier than they thought.
what is stopping you....."Let's Take a Hike"!
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