Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why choose Desert Cliffs Fitness Resort.....

I apologize for the delay in updates on our blog. We have had continue success at Desert Cliffs, and everyone of our guests are in awe with what we have here in St. George, so I thought I'd address those that really want to know why to choose Desert Cliffs.
1. HIKING. We have the most incredible and challenging hikes around. There are so many different level of hikes, if you think you can not be challenged, you will understand after you hike here that we know how to challenge you by taking you into nature. Nature is the most incredible gym in the world!!
2. PASSION. THIS IS OUR PASSION! As you research different spas around, a good indication that you will love your weeks stay is the passion of the owners and staff. Our hiking director Cindy Stephenson has had a passion for the mountains for years, and she will go on the same hike over and over again and continue to express her admiration and love for our mountains. We have a staff of guides that hike because of their love for the mountains. Melanie will give you a workout like you would not believe, but you will not realize it because she has talked the whole time about the beauty of these mountains. Nick will know everything about the mountains, and you will be informed about everything you want to know about the St. George area. Then of course you will get the owners to hike with you because we LOVE it!!
3. FOOD. We found a chef and a staff in the kitchen that love what they do. Kim will make sure you get the exact number of calories (not one over) to help you with you weight loss goals, and will make sure it's fresh and full of vegetables. Lynette will serve you with a desire to make sure to the best of her ability that you are happy. Kris is kind, considerate, and good at what she does.
4. EDUCATION. We have found a nutritionist, Melanie Taylor that is very well qualified to teach you about the demands of living a healthy lifestyle, but she is a realist, and will motivate you to make you feel like you can do this at home. Kim Galvin has a passion for healthy food, and after having her twin boys less than a year ago, because of her healthy diet, you would never know she has now four little ones herself. She will sit with you in the kitchen and help you cook a meal yourself so you can go home and be confident in yourself.
5. WORKOUTS. This I can take credit for. I have a passion for hard physical work.:) There is nothing better than a good workout. I have designed classes with the best teachers, I know what makes a good workout and have been able to pick the best classes to make your week show results, and will give you the best feeling after the workout. I love to add little things like a morning run/walk up to the tower to be able to watch the sunrise, and enjoy our city after a GREAT workout. You can bet that because we are a small group, it is not easy to get out of a workout, but you will be grateful in the end. I have added classes that are at our gym so you get a GREAT variety. I love to sweat.
6. OWNERS. Let me tell you a little about my husband John Kemp-the owner. He is kind and cares so much about each guest. You will get to talk to him when you call, and he will be very honest and upfront with you, and he will join you on some hikes as well when you get here. He started this because he believes in it, and knows it works. He himself has made small life changes that will greatly impact his health. (yeh!:))
James Keilman, co-owner, and one of John's best friends has a passion for health and physical fitness. The two have been best friends for a long time. I remember when I first met James, I hoped some of his passion for exercising and eating healthy would rub off on my husband, well it has, and when my husband decided to open this spa, he knew that James was the perfect fit. When we approached James over a year ago, he was so excited, for this has been a life dream of his. In fact when we started, he decided (after already living a healthy life) he was going to cut the sugar out of his diet altogether. He has stuck with no sugar ever since-talk about PASSION. You will see that passion when he teaches, he studies daily, and continues to live a healthy lifestyle himself.

Most guests find all this out when they come for the first time, but I thought it would be helpful for you to understand why we are passionate to give you the best week, or weeks ever. I hope this is helpful, there are many spas out there, and there have been many who see the idea and try to implement it, but do they have the PASSION? Whenever I want to learn something I find someone who is passionate about what I want to learn-Passion is what motivates others, so come to Desert Cliffs and let us MOTIVATE you!
-Leanne Kemp
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