Saturday, March 10, 2012

A tough Goodbye

This lady is an Angel.....I hate goodbyes and I am not good at them either. I am still pretending this is not happening, and I am trying let someone go who is and has been our #1 supporter of Desert Cliffs since the beginning. I can not express in words how much of an impact this woman has been on me and my husband since we decided to start Desert Cliffs. She is my 'Rock'. She is easy to talk to, she LOVES everyone, and she has taught me so much about being an honest, true, real person. I value her opinion and her advice in everything. I KNOW our past guests of Desert Cliffs will feel great sadness to not see her smiling, welcoming smile when they come back to visit. She makes a connection with people instantly and has an amazing love that EVERYONE can feel radiate from her, and when our guests leave at the end of their stay, they have a BEST friend for life. She is an amazing lady, and has sooooo much to offer the world, I guess I can be content with the fact that I KNOW wherever she goes, she will again be an angel in someone else's life. LOVE YOU CINDY!! Many people in Logan Utah will soon be so grateful you were sent into their lives! This is a post Cindy recently put on her blog (I am so grateful I can still read her incredible words because of her blog) :

"It turns out that this photo was taken on my last 'official' hike for Desert
Cliffs.Good 'ol Awesome Chasm.I didnt have a clue at the time that it
was my last. But if I had, I dont think I could have appreciated its beauty
any more than I did at that moment. Everyday that I hiked was a gift and a
blessing and a treasure. Every hikebrought peace, health and an appreciation
of the beauties of this world and the people in it.Every hike built
friendships as our feet carried us through the desert, forits a well proven
fact that hiking and talking are a perfect match. And talkingand sharing
one's life with others is cathartic, cleansing and good forones mental
health not to mention ones waist line. Im so glad that I weedled myself into
this shot. Im gratefulthat Cheryl took it. It will be poinient memory for
me from here on out.Trying to 'recap' my hiking career with Fitness
Ridge and then for Desert Cliffs will be like trying explain the color
blue.Trying to express in words what hiking and meeting the amazing folks I
have been blessed to meet would be as difficult as explaining all the hues of
red in the desert.Trying to express my emotions and gratitude for my hiking
guides and my bosses- who are more like family- for their friendships and
companionship on the trails is nearly an almost impossible task.Having the
best gig on the planet..working for the best people and meeting the best people
was heaven on earth. Here's hoping I can find heaven elsewhere somehow, some
way.Here's hoping I find blessings in some other form.... somewhere.... " posted by!/profile.php?id=1521266580Cindy Stephenson
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